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Nearly 40% of the two million homes, farms, and businesses in Alberta are foolishly paying too much for electricity. A big chunk of the government’s $600 million in rebates (intended to help curb inflation and reduce the consumers’ utility bills) will needlessly end up back in the pockets of government-regulated utilities.

The electricity rebate program will now provide eligible Albertans with a monthly $50 bill credit for six consecutive months. On the flip side, the government’s regulated utility providers increased their Regulated Rate Option (RRO) rates and will be recouping costs from the government by charging back an “administrative fee”:

In a press release distributed on July 6, Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity, said, “We are doubling the electricity rebates to help reduce the financial burden on families in Alberta dealing with the rising cost of living.”

Included in the government press release was an important note: Albertans who are still on the government RRO, wishing to protect themselves from price volatility may also enter into a competitive fixed-rate contract. Customers are directed to the Utility Consumer Advocate (UCA) to find lower competitive prices.

If you want to stay with the big utilities, just call Enmax (310-2010), Epcor (310-4300), or Direct Energy (1-866-572-1293), and ask them to switch you over to their lower fixed rates. Get off the RRO and you will save even more money than you are going to receive from the government rebate. They’re not going to suggest this to you – why would they? Don’t be foolish, just call them and ask for a lower fixed rate.

Or, if you’d prefer to support Alberta local retailers and save even more than you would with the regulated utilities, check out the rates offered by NewGen Energy. You will find our rates are even more competitive!