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Alberta Power Pool Pricing Information

System that facilitates the real-time wholesale electricity market.

Provides information on Forecast and Actual Pool Prices and Daily Forecast and Actual Data

Industry Associations

Represents power producers, marketers, engineering firms, consultants and contractors.
The voice of the Canadian electricity industry.
Provides a voice for Rural Electrification Association (REA) members.

Governance of the Alberta Energy Industry

Educates and advocates for residential, farm and small business electricity and gas consumers.
Manages the development of province’s non-renewable resources including coal, minerals, natural gas, petrochemicals, conventional oil and oil sands and renewable energy.
Provides a voice for Rural Electrification Association (REA) members.
Has prominent role in managing Power Purchase Arrangements of several major power plants.
Functions include operating promoting fair, efficient and competitive exchange of electric energy.
Investigates Alberta’s electricity markets to ensure fairness, efficiency and competitiveness.