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You asked, we listened!

Good news! If you own a smart phone, we have a new credit card pre-payment option for you to take advantage of. Now you can earn reward points by pre-paying your utility bill.

We are proud to announce that customers, in addition to using pre-authorized debit, now have the ability to use Mastercard to submit pre-payments on their account, thanks to an innovative app created by Paytm Canada.

We have signed a credit card payment agreement with Paytm Canada, an internationally recognized payments and financial services company. Get the app for free at Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

This is a mobile application that allows customers to pay their bills using multiple payment options with no fees, earn cash back rewards from Paytm, and credit card points via their smartphone.

“Paytm was launched so that everyone – no matter their annual/monthly/weekly income – has access to everything with the convenience of their smartphone,” said Naqiyah Rampuri, Director, Growth Strategy at Paytm. “Paying a bill is a necessity. We wanted to make the experience as seamless and rewarding as we possibly could.”

At NewGen being a small local company has always provided us the benefit of being nimble and able to act on customer feedback and suggestions quickly and efficiently. We are focused on saving our customers money and making their money go further.

“Typically, by using a credit card as a form of payment means incurring additional service fees for each transaction,” said Larry Peters director of NewGen Energy “That would mean we would have to pass those service fees through to our customers, raising our rates overall. We didn’t want to do that. We found a better solution. Being innovative is one of the hallmarks of the company. Now you can pay for electricity and gas using a credit card.”

Switch over to NewGen Energy and earn points; with just one click

The Paytm Canada application is unique in that it is free to download and use. Plus, users earn rewards points for each transaction made through the app which can later be redeemed for rewards from popular brands like UBER, Tim Hortons, Skip the Dishes,, Ikea, and more.

You can use the app to pay for all of your bills in one place including your insurance, cable, taxes, internet, and more. The platform is continually improving and new features are being added on a regular basis.

“Paytm Canada is improving modernizing the experience of managing day-to-day finances for Canadians,” said Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm Canada. “We will continue to build secure and digital products and services that promote a rewarding experience.”

The icing on top of the cake is that users not only earn Paytm Canada rewards points, but if their credit card has a rewards points system, those are earned as well. Plus, with Paytm’s new “Set It and Forget It” feature, users can set up automatic recurring payments, which means an even more convenient way to pre-pay.

“Paytm has been a great addition to our service offering and I believe it will be a big hit with our customers,” said Larry Peters. “Everyone needs to pay for essential services such as electricity and natural gas, so why not earn rewards at the same time?”

NewGen customers will receive $5 cash back in their Paytm wallet when they submit their first pre-payment using promo code: NEWGEN. Additionally, for a limited time, all new users get 20,000 welcome points free! Refer and friend and get 5,000 MORE points when they pay their first bill.

How it Works

NewGen’s pre-payment program is just that, a pre-payment on your account.

First, figure out the best day to make your pre-payment by checking when your last billing notification email was received. Make your pre-payment for the next month, at least 10 business days before this day. (Example: if your billing notification was received November 15, set your pre-payment to be sent no later than December 3).

Next, check that same billing notification and see how much you paid that month. Use this amount as a guideline to how much you decide to pre-pay each month. Download the Paytm Canada app for free on your smart phone, create an account, and find NewGen listed under “Utilities”.

Enter the amount you would like to pre-pay and your account number (also found on your billing notification). Choose to either pay once, or schedule an automatic recurring pre-payment using the “set it or forget it” feature.

Review your details and pay. The pre-payment will be added to your account and the credit will be applied to your next invoice.

Didn’t pre-pay enough to cover the next round of charges, or pre-paid a bit too much? No problem, if your charges are more than the credit we have on your account, the difference will be debited from your bank account using the banking information provided during enrollment, just like we do today. Any additional credit will be carried over on your account, and applied to your next round of charges.

More Value-Added Services

Paytm is just one of the many value-added services that we are proud to offer our customers to help make getting their electricity and natural gas easier. Some of the other customer centric programs we offer that you may not be aware of include:

Budget Billing: pay a set price each month based on historical usage data and true-up twice annually.

Pick a Date: Choose what day of the month you pay your energy bill. Schedule payments so they are convenient to you. (Some conditions apply).

Green Energy Options: In partnership with Green Alberta Energy, green any percentage of the electricity you consume.

Micro-generation Premiums: Solar PV micro-generation customers receive a 1.0 cent/kWh premium on electricity exported back to the grid through the Light Up Alberta program.

No risk, flexible plans: Our flexible electricity plans require only a 10-day rolling commitment from you and our guarantee is that those rates will stay the same until the end of the specified term (EX: end of December 2024).

To start using Paytm, download that app from the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play. For more information on NewGen’s partnership with Paytm click here