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There’s no doubt that bills are an unfortunate fact of life. We all want the services and products that appeal to us most, but these come at a cost.

In Alberta’s deregulated energy market, choosing your energy retailer has advantages beyond better rates for electricity and natural gas. Most companies have pretty standard options for paying your bill: online banking, in person at your bank, by cheque, etcetera. That’s great and all, but it’s…what’s the word? Standard.

That’s why we at NewGen Energy have designed flexible payment options for our customers. As a small, locally-owned and operated business, we are nimble enough to offer payment options that our customers have requested or suggested over the years. We know that our customers deserve better and we’re here to offer it.


No, our Pick-a-Date program isn’t the latest in online dating, its an option to pick the day of the month you pay your utility bill. Typically, invoices for electricity and natural gas usage are generated and processed based on when the Wires Service Provider (WSP) of your area reads your meter. This could be any day of the month.

With our Pick-a-Date program, you get to choose which day of the month is convenient for you, whether that’s the 1st of every month, the last day of the month, or any day in between. This allows you to customize your payment cycles to a day that suits you and your finances best (some restrictions apply).

Budget Billing

With Budget Billing, our Customer Care team works with you to help standardize your payments from month to month so you always know what to expect on your energy bills. This is based on historical usage and provides more predictability to assist with budgeting.

Unlike other budget plans offered in the industry, our team reviews your payments twice a year to ensure the budget is accurately set for your usage habits. *Budget billing is not available to customers on a variable electricity rate.

Two is always better than one! To further provide you with flexibility in paying your bills, you can also combine Budget Billing with our Pick-a-Date program. Getting started is simple, just contact our Customer Care team and they will help get you enrolled in the programs.

Credit Card Pre-payment Options

NewGen has also partnered with Paytm Canada as an alternative for paying your utility bills. Paytm allows you to pre-pay your energy bills using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and earn points that you can redeem for use with your favourite brands like Apple, Starbucks, and Cineplex. Despite Paytm’s small convenience fee, if earning points by pre-paying your bills is your preferred method, then that remains an option for all customers.

Let’s face it, paying bills is never fun. But with NewGen, you have choices in how and when you pay. Switch over to NewGen and benefit from the flexibility we have to offer!

Added Bonus – Bundle your electricity and/or natural gas with Internet services provided by our sister company Q Wave. When you bundle, pay no monthly admin fees on your electricity and/or natural gas for the next 6 months! Switch now and save!