More than $30,000 earned in Cash Back Credits and Rebates by Solar Club Members

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More than $30,000 earned in Cash Back Credits and Rebates by Solar Club Members

April 7, 2020

Did you know that Alberta is one of the sunniest places in all of Canada? It is estimated that the usable annual solar potential in Alberta is 26 exajoules (EJ) – that’s 26 BILLION gigajoules! For comparison, the average urban consumer uses 120 GJ (~272 GJ for rural consumers) of energy in natural gas each year. Interesting numbers – but what does this really mean?

What if you could take that energy potential and turn it into cold, hard, cash? That is what thousands of solar PV Micro-Generators in Alberta have been doing for years.

Micro-Generators who are members of the NewGen Energy Solar Club saw even more of that cash in their pockets. As part of the unique program offered by NewGen and a network of other local Energy Marketers, not only do members receive a great rate for energy exported to the grid, but they also earn cash back rebates for energy imported from the grid. This is not a government subsidy, but rather money paid out by ourselves and other Energy Marketers, in order to help support the birth of an industry.

Members earn cash back every day of the year. Even in the middle of winter, during the first quarter of 2020, members across the network earned almost $4,000 in cash back credits plus green offsets. As we approach the first year anniversary of the Solar Club – more than $13,000 has been earned by members under the cash back reward program, plus another $17,000 in green offsets which were gifted to Micro-Generators by Green Alberta Energy.

At the end of March, local Energy Marketers deposited thousands of cash back dollars directly into Solar Club member’s bank accounts. Given the current downturn in the economy due to COVID-19, this is likely a welcome bonus for members.

Further Greening Alberta’s Grid

In addition to the cash back rebates, Green Alberta Energy (GAE) continued to do its part to help the province realize its goal of achieving 30% renewable energy by 2030. But rather than wait another ten years, GAE helped our Solar Club members green 30% of their electricity imports for free in 2019! The total amount of electricity offset since the introduction of the program, on behalf of Solar Club members totalled over 1,000,000 kWh green offsets, known as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

We will double the number of offsets in 2020. Green offsets are being increased from 30% to 50%! Members will now be able to green half of their electricity imports from the grid. Offsets are provided free of charge to Solar Club members and the cost of the offsets are being funded as a gift to our members.

Even More Benefits to Membership

For those who don’t know, the original solar PV Micro-Generation program was called the Light Up Alberta program, founded in 2012. It was part of the foundation for what the Solar Club is today. The program has been 8 years in the making, and continues to get better every year.

Members of the Solar Club enjoy many benefits. To qualify, you must be a solar PV Micro-Generator and the only cost is a promise to donate to your local food bank.

In addition to the free green offsets and the cash back benefit, members can select from special rates designed exclusively for solar PV Micro-Generators. They can easily switch between these exclusive rates, penalty free, to accommodate seasonal generation fluctuations.

On April 1 we introduced a new low export rate of 6.7 cents per kWh and as we approach the summer solstice in June, solar club members can take advantage of our new 22 cents/kWh High Export rate. These rates are a great way for those that have solar PV systems to get more out of their investment.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Solar Club, we invite you to join now, become part of a unique loyalty club, and do your part to green Alberta’s energy grid.

More Ways to Save]

For everyone of our customers, Micro-Gen or not, here are two additional ways of reducing your energy invoice.

  1. A couple of months ago, we added an Internet service to our business offering. Right now it is available to anyone who is currently on the Shaw or Telus networks. In the months ahead we will have a wireless option to connect more customers in rural Alberta. Our rates are lower and if you sign up with Q Wave through NewGen, we can bundle your Internet with your electricity and/or natural gas utility bills.
  2. We have implemented a customer Referral Program where you can earn an ongoing monthly income on the consumption of energy for anyone that signs up with NewGen. Some customers are already earning enough to offset much of their own monthly utility bill. It is easy – you can do it from the luxury of your home computer. If you are looking for something to keep you busy, this is possibly a good way to reach out to people you know and introduce them to NewGen. More Info.

We know that there are so many people’s lives across Alberta that have been turned upside down and many are struggling with financial difficulties. We hope the above ideas might help a little. While today we are worried about our futures and the safety of our families, we are hopeful that things will return to normal times. Take care, be resolute, and reach out to help others.