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*JUST ENERGY and the JUST ENERGY design are trademarks of Just Energy Group Inc.

In February 2021, winter storm Uri caused significant disruption to the Texas energy market, leading the Just Energy Group to file for bankruptcy. In recent weeks, Just Energy has pulled all of its rates from the Utilities Consumer Advocate website as well as its own website. Their customers, unfortunately, are now faced with choosing a new retailer for their electricity and natural gas needs. For more of the convoluted story, you can read about it here.

If you’re a Just Energy customer, now is your chance to select a 100% community-based retailer backed by UTILITYnet, a local energy management business that’s been around since 1978, providing retail and customer support services to independent retailers like NewGen Energy. You can trust that you’re speaking to someone here in Alberta, your profits aren’t funding an international balance sheet, and that a portion of the proceeds are being returned to various community causes here in various communities around our province.

The choice is yours. We are local – truly local – and we’re here to offer you savings you won’t see with many other retailers, especially the three old incumbent utilities offering record-high Regulated Rate Option prices for electricity.

CAUTION: If you do nothing, you’ll end up on the ENMAX, EPCOR or Direct Energy Regulated Rate Option (RRO). Currently, RRO prices are averaging 27 cents/kWh, while competitive rates offered by Community Retailers like us are in the 12 to 14 cents/kWh range. For an average home consuming 800 kWh/month, that’s an immediate savings of $110 on your energy costs alone in September. When you consider that our admin fees are lower as well, there’s more money to be saved. Don’t get trapped by default retailers and their high RRO prices.

Switch and save. Why pay more when you could pay less?