The definition of freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Pretty simple definition but its anything but clear in the real world and in Alberta’s deregulated energy market, If YOU don’t make the decision, the government will make it for you. You just have to know that is going to hurt your pocketbook.

Alberta’s deregulated utility market was designed to offer freedom of choice. Don’t like your provider? Go out and find a better one. But, 40% of all Albertan’s and their businesses continue to buy electricity on a program which enslaves the user and places them on extraordinarily high power prices.

In 2023 this meant that 40% of the population were paying up to 32 cents/kWhr last year while industry veterans like NewGen Energy were offering 12 cents. For some homeowners that meant a $50-$100 premium for a single family home for just one month of electricity. Ouch!

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